Energizer MBS100

Designed for mains, battery, or solar installations. 
No matter what your power source or location, the Gallagher MBS Energizer range provides a high-performing and convenient animal control solution.
  • Powers: 4 hectares / 3 kilometres fence
  • Contains: 1 Joule of stored energy
  • Suitable: For all types of animal fencing
Easily set up portable or permanent installations in any location. Once installed, the LED bar graph on the energizer indicates fence voltage performance.
Warranty: Upto 3 years
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  • Use any power source – Designed for mains, battery, or solar installations up to  10km
  • Superior performance in all operating mode – Reliable fence voltage irrespective of your power source
  • View fence performance at a glance – LED bar graph indicates fence voltage performance
  • Check battery health in an instant – LED bar graph indicates your battery status
  • Use in the harshest of farming conditions – Portable, water-resistant case, with built-in lightning protection
  • Fast, flexible installation – Easily set up portable or permanent installations in any location
  • All leadsets included Mains, battery and fence leadsets all included with the Energizer (solar kit sold separately)
  • Protect your battery – Smart battery management algorithm protects the battery from being over-discharged and permanently damaged.
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